India Summers was born, raised, and currently resides in Harlem, NYC.

India spent her childhood in her room reading and writing, thanks to her mom who gave her her first book at 3 years old. Between the ages of 7 and 12, she practiced writing songs for r&b artists and writing urban fiction novels that she would one day publish. India wrote her way through school as she won numerous scholarships for college. India studied Fashion and Textile Technology with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. Her intention was to use her degree to write and edit for fashion magazines. While in college, India studied on National Exchange for semester in Los Angeles, California. While in LA, India interned with a celebrity editorial fashion photographer and wrote, shot, and styled celebrities for magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Galore. The next semester, India was suppose to study at FIT and earn two degrees in four years. Instead, India studied abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. India also visited Malaysia, India, and Japan. After gaining experience in fashion magazines, and traveling the world, India realized that she wanted to write about her own life instead of the lives of others. She graduated in 2017, and her first book of poetry was published in 2018, at 23 years old. India is now 28 years old.


India Summers has taught middle and high school students how to write, edit, design, and publish their own poetry books at the Harlem School of the Arts. She has also taught 2 year olds at the first Montessori built in NYC, alongside teaching and managing at Avenues: The World School. India Summers has taught and managed at several other private and charter schools, while still continuing to do so. While teaching, she has published three books of poetry that have been featured and sold at world renowned Art shows such as Art on Paper. India has helped clients and friends create their own books. She is now working on her first "how to" book that teaches writers and artists how to write, edit, design, and publish their own books.

India Summers books are independently written, edited, designed, published, publicized, marketed, and sold by India Summers.
India Summers is a black owned business.